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The Rose Garden ~ By Susanna Kearsley

  Present day, Eva Ward leaves her job and home in California.  Checking out of her stressful life, this trip is personal. Traveling to the Cornish coast in Britain stay with childhood friends. Arriving at the estate, memories come flooding back to Eva,  happier times when she visited with her family.  Eva learns that the estate is in financial trouble. On a mission, she works to help her friends save their business and home.
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The Language of Threads ~ By Gail Tsukiyama

  The Language of Threads begins where the Women of the Silk leaves us. The author, vividly brings Pei’s story to life once again.  Pei is now a strong young woman.  Fighting to  escape China due to the war and the dangers that lurk at every turn.  Pei’s journey takes her to Hong Kong.
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