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The Goldfinch ~ By Donna Tartt

  The Goldfinch is a whopping 775 pages and the most painful book I have read in a long time.  The first question that popped into my head when this book was announced was, “can I finish it a month?”  I am not one who has unlimited time to read and I can’t seem to read 2 books at a time.  The Goldfinch would be a challenge. I skimmed through some of the reviews of the book and most of them were glowing.  I found a few negative reviews that were lightly sprinkled throughout the others.  Reading and books is subjective and based on personal
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Crazy for the Storm ~ By Norman Ollestad

  Reviewing and writing about biographies or memoirs is a bit hard for me.  They are such personal stories and  I feel like I am being critical of the author and their story. Crazy for the Storm unfolds in the 1970’s. The author tells his own personal story of a tragic plane crash in the mountains of Southern California.  Weaving the story between past and present.  He guides us through his childhood and how he fought to save his own life after the horrific crash.
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Telling the Bees ~ By Peggy Hesketh

  Telling the Bees is a beautifully written story that has left a forever imprint on my soul. Set in early Orange County, California when orange orchards dotted the landscape.  The book tells a story of family, love, mystery and friendship. The author pulls from personal stories and the people who have played a role in her life to write this fascinating story of Albert, the bee keeper.  I fell in love with Albert.  He reminded me so much of my grandfather.  I longed to sit at the table and have toast, honey and tea with him.  Albert is kind, quiet and a loner living
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