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Travel Unscripted by Mark Murphy

Do you have a book sitting on your kindle or on your bookshelf that’s been hanging out for awhile waiting to be read?  You know the one; the one you tell yourself you will read next and then another fabulous book comes along and you skip right by it. I have several of them and I finally decided it was time to get one of them read and off my Kindle while I wait for the next book club book. Travel Unscripted by Mark Murphy is one of those books, at 322 pages, it was totally doable in a few
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The Pecan Man by Cassie Dandridge Selleck

The Pecan Man (pronounced Pee-can) is a beautifully written Southern Fiction novel.  But who is the Pecan Man?  Children are afraid of him, parents call their children inside when he is around.  This man is seen riding around town on a rickety, rusty old bike and a bag of pecans tied to the handlebars.  Eldred Mims is the Pecan Man, he is black, he is homeless, but is that all there is to this mystery man?
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