Monthly Archives February 2016

As Always, Julia: The Letters of Julia Child and Avis De Voto by Joan Reardon

Have you had a book that you keep intending to read, maybe even started it, stopped, re-started and then forgot what was happening, so you go back a chapter?  As Always, Julia is one of those books for me.  This book took me a long time to read and not because I didn’t thoroughly enjoy it, but I would read and then needed to get to a book club book.  Life just sometimes gets in the way.  I finally am a bit ahead in my book club reading, so I dove back in and was determined to get it finished.
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Blossom by Christopher Lentz

Happy February! How is your reading going this year?  I hope you all are deep into a book and loving every minute of it. This month our book club choice was Blossom by Christopher Lentz.  The bookie who chose this book is personal friends with the author and wanted to support him and his first novel; I am so glad she did.  Blossom was a great choice and the best part of the evening was having Christopher Lentz join us for our book club event, it really doesn’t get any better.
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