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Blue by Danielle Steel

Good morning,

If you are part of the Goodreads community and you set a goal for how many books you are going to read this year, how is it going?  If you aren’t a part of Goodreads, but set a personal goal, I hope you are doing well and reading some great books.

Normally I’m so good to keep up with Danielle Steel books; and read them as soon as they are released.  Having gotten behind and now I am trying to catch up, but there are so many good books on my to read list, it’s hard to pick what’s next.

Time to catch up, so let’s chat about Blue by Danielle Steel. This story is one of compassion, opening your heart, taking a chance and finding joy after tragedy.

Blue is different than other Danielle Steel novels.  Meet Ginny, a beautiful woman with a life many dream of having.  Ginny is married to Mark, both are journalists and work for a prominent Los Angeles news station.  They have a 3 year old son and life looks pretty perfect, until one fateful night a few days before Christmas.

Mark, Ginny and Chris attend a Christmas party, socializing with friends and as the party winds down, they leave with Mark driving.  Ginny doesn’t realize that Mark had more than his usual 1 glass of wine, although he appears fine, their night will end in tragedy. In a split second Ginny’s world will be turned upside down.

As Ginny recovers from serious injuries suffered in the accident, she asks her sister to pack her things and send only what she needs.  Ginny leaves her job, L.A and moves to New York trying to escape any memories of what she has lost.  She starts working for a humanitarian charity, where she spends most of her days traveling to war torn and impoverished countries trying to make life better for others while ignoring her own life.

Coming back from one assignment and waiting for her next, she is in New York. Ginny calls her sister to check in and check on her father who suffers from Alzheimer’s.  Ending the call quickly she walks through her apartment filled with tired and broken down furniture, where she falls into bed.  After a few hours sleep, she awakes unsettled.  Ginny bundles up and walks the New York streets winding up along the river, her pain unbearable.  Thoughts fill her head that maybe now is the time to go and be with her family, believing she won’t feel the fall or the icy water as her body falls in the river; if she jumps, it will be quick. She stands at the railing when out of the corner of her eye, she sees someone dart into a utility building nearby, she is distracted.

Walking to the utility building she knocks, and knocks and finally pounding when she hears a tiny little voice and the door opens just a crack.  A young boy with striking blue eyes is peeking at her.  Ginny reaches out to him and immediately feels a connection.  Noticing how thin he is, she takes him for food.  Ginny can’t help but notice he has the most engaging blue eyes.  Named for his eye color, Blue is cautious, he doesn’t trust easily, but he feels a connection to her too.

Ginny gives him a place to sleep for the night, which leads to more, yet she isn’t ready to give up her work.  She likes being detached with no commitments.  Blue will change Ginny’s life in ways she could never predict.  As Blue begins to trust her, he opens up to his life and why he is on the streets.  She is stunned at to what this young boy has faced and it is no surprise as to why he doesn’t trust.

Ginny will be faced with choices she must make, yet she may not be ready.

Blue is one of my favorite books from Danielle Steel. While her books may not be important literature, they are always a good read and I can get lost in the pages.  I started this book one night, not able to put it down. I read to my eyes were blurry, watering and tired, the clock reads 2:30 am, time to go to sleep. Picking it back up the next day, I had to finish it.  I appreciate Danielle Steel’s ability to write so many different stories, each being different, yet they all suck me in.

I hope you enjoy Blue, and will be surprised if you don’t feel a connection to Blue, one that will last long after the book is finished.

Until next time,
Bee Readin’

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2 thoughts on “Blue by Danielle Steel”

  1. Thanks, Terri. Sounds like a good one. Yes, I’m part of the Goodreads community and am one book ahead of schedule. I’m reading six books right now so it will take awhile to finish any one of them. I get so excited about books, that it is hard to read just one at a time. 🙂

    1. Janet,
      I admire you so much for being able to read that many at one time, I can’t do it. I loved Blue, it was such a great story. Let me know if you have any great books you are reading, I am always looking for really good books to add to my list too.
      I am also on Goodreads, I will look for you and we can connect.

      Happy Reading.

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