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Memoir of the Sunday Brunch by Julia Pandl

Memoir of the Sunday Brunch by Julia Pandl has been hanging on my Kindle for a long time, and it was time to devour the pages.  I didn’t read any reviews on the book, didn’t know much about it, but loved the cover and title, who doesn’t love Sunday Brunch? Memoir of the Sunday Brunch is a funny, coming of age story of growing up with 9 sibling and two parents living in the Midwest in much simpler times.  Times when kids roamed their neighborhoods, pranks were a common occurrence, chores were handed out and moving was part of life.
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Pegasus, A Novel by Danielle Steel

Happy Cinco de Mayo!  Hope you all are enjoying some delicious Mexican food tonight and maybe a Margarita with a great book. What have you been reading lately, I would love to know. I always love an easy read for fun, a good story that takes me to another world even for a short time.  Danielle Steel books are my go to when I want to get lost in another world and Pegasus was next on the list.  When reading one of her books, I can always count on a few late nights with a cup of tea because I
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Readin’ for Fun

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy Hanukkah! I love the Christmas season.  Once October starts and fall is in the air, I get excited for the holiday season. This time of year is so busy and there is so much to do.  I went out to do a little Christmas shopping in a quaint area of a local town in our area.  Wandering through one of the antique stores, I stumbled on this perfect sign that fits most book clubs.  I thought I would share it with you, hoping it makes you laugh a little. Our book club doesn’t read a
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