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Fly Away by Kristin Hannah

Do you have a favorite author?  You know, the kind, the author that you know the books will always be a fun read and transport you somewhere else.  I love Danielle Steel, she is my guilty pleasure.  I know when I start one of her books, I will not put it down, will be up late at night and passing on chores until I have finished it.

But I have recently found another author that I am loving her books, Kristin Hannah.  I don’t know where I have been that I haven’t discovered her books before, but I love her style of writing. I just finished Fly Away, and it is a beautiful story.

A year or so ago, I chose her book Home Front for Book Club, we all agreed it was a fantastic story and another one I couldn’t put down.  Making a mental note to read another one of her books, I finally had that chance.

Fly Away is a touching story, that tells the story about 2 girls and how their childhoods and pasts define who they were and their futures.  Best friends who knew each other better than they knew themselves.  Two girls who are now woman, and are each others heart and soul.  One of them suffers a loss and a tragedy so severe that it causes her to feel as though the wind has been knocked out of her and she may never breathe again, I am hooked.

Part way through the book, the author tells the story of how these 2 young girls lives collide, they meet while living on Firefly Lane. Wait… isn’t that is the title of another one of her books?  It is at this point I realize Firefly Lane is the story of the beginning of the friendship.  I almost put down Fly Away to read Firefly Lane first, but I can’t stop reading.

Once I finished Fly Away, the story was complete.  But I am starting Firefly Lane now, nothing like starting with the end and go backwards, but it is okay.  I will let you know when I finish it if you should start with Firefly Lane first.

I am off to plan our upcoming Book Club get-together and I’m hosting.  We will be discussing The Husband’s Secret.  In looking for book club questions, I found a guide that helps in planning a book club event on this intricate book, similar to a spider web that holds many secrets.

After book club I will post a short note about the guide book and the event and festivities.

Bee Readin’,

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