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No Rest for the Dead by Sandra Brown

How are you all doing?  I hope you are enjoying your summer and finding time to read that one book you have been dying to jump into.

Don’t know what has happened to my summer so far, but I have barely cracked a book and am struggling to keep up with book club.

No Rest for the Dead by Sandra Brown was chosen for our July get-together, I was intrigued.  Have you heard about the book?

No Rest for the Dead is the brain child of Susan Brown who collaborated with her sister and a trusted village of friends, family, agents and editors.  Susan asked 26 writer’s to contribute and each wrote a portion of the book.

The book is a mystery and who doesn’t love a good mystery?  The story is based around a husband and wife team who run an art gallery.  Rosemary, the wife is the one with the money.  She is smart and respected; Rosemary runs a business and is raising the couples 2 young children. She loves to find the upcoming artists with creative talent and give them a chance. Christopher her husband appears to be a go-getter, and driven.  He is all about the famous and valuable pieces of art that he can fence;  it quickly comes to light that Christopher is a player; a man who is dishonest to his core and brings some very shady people into their world.

Life for the Thomas’ is crumbling and has been for years when one night changes life as they know it. One is presumed murdered, one is arrested, a body is found, there is a trial, conviction and sentence.  The detective working the case is quick to judge and prove he is right, and the decision and choices he makes is going to haunt him for years to come, tearing his world apart.

You may wonder if the book flows well with having so many writer’s and I believe it does.  The story moves forward and while each writer has their own voice, it makes for even more mystery. Throughout the story there are new character’s introduced and at times can be overwhelming in trying to keep them straight.  But you will be able to tie them all together and understand each role they play in this complicated mystery.

Greed can be all consuming, even when it involves family.  You will be guessing all the way through as to who dunnit, was the right person convicted and will Karma be inflicted.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book.  You will find it to be a fairly easy read, one you won’t want to put down until you uncover the truth.

Bee Readin’,

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2 thoughts on “No Rest for the Dead by Sandra Brown”

  1. I’m a huge fan of Sandra Brown and have read all her books. This book intrigues me and can’t wait to check it out.

    1. You have to try it. I was skeptical with so many writer’s and different writing voices, but it works and was a fun read. Let me know what you think.

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