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See Me by Nicholas Sparks

Happy Valentines Day!  I hope you all are having a special day.

In honor of Valentines Day I was excited to share a new romance novel with you, but surprisingly See Me by Nicholas Sparks is more thriller than romance.  Nicholas Sparks books seem to grab me and not let me go until I finish the last sentence on the last page.  This book grabbed me from the first sentence of the first chapter and still hasn’t let go.

The cover of the book shows a deserted beach in the background and 3 dead yellow roses laying in the sand, hmmm, now I’m curious.

See Me is a story of obsession, stalking and finding true love when that true love is not easy. As you start the book, you will begin with the Prologue. Meet Colin he is strikingly handsome, has beautiful eyes, but there is a darkness when you look deep. Colin struggles with his past, and is working hard to change his life and lose the demons.  He stands in the bathroom of a diner, exploring his bruises.  He is beaten, bloody, battered and bruised, why?

Colin meets with Evan, his best friend, they share a late night bite and leave in separate cars.  Colin heads home, but stumbles upon Maria.  A flat tire has left her stranded in the dark on a deserted country road.  She fights to pull the spare out of the trunk when Colin stops.  As he approaches to help her, she is terrified when she sees his battered face.  Afraid of him, she backs away.  Colin assures her he won’t hurt her and after locking herself in her car, she allows him to change the tire.

Colin and Maria’s lives will collide again, and she begins to learn of his life; a life with a dark past.  The story flows flawlessly.   They each have a past, but will they be able to overcome the ghosts and demons?

Maria’s past will creep back in and will leave her feeling vulnerable and terrified.  Colin loves hard and is devoted to those he cares about.  He will risk everything to keep her safe and find who is stalking her, and following her every move.  Just when you think you have it figured out, you will find you don’t.

See Me is different from most Nicholas Sparks books. There are similarities in some ways to Safe Haven, but this one has its own heartbeat.

With See Me, I tried to find moments in my days to read even a paragraph or a page.

The characters are brilliantly developed, they have personalities, souls and darkness. They will stay with you for a while.  The words that Nicholas Sparks writes on the page that stick with me the most from the book are “see me just as I see you”. They relate to the book in several ways.  See Colin as he sees Maria, see the stalker as he sees Colin and Maria as well as her family.  The stalker tells her “you will know how it feels,” yet you never know where they will show up again, or to what lengths they will go to seek revenge, keeping you completely on edge.

Until next time,

Bee Readin’,

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