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Shadow of a Century, An Irish Love Story by Jean Grainger

Have you ever picked a book to read simply because you loved the cover?

I love book covers and have certainly picked a book based on what the cover tells me.  The problem with reading on an E-reader is when you open a new book, it goes straight to the first chapter.  Next time you start a book or buy a book from your E-reader, go to the cover and appreciate the artwork and the story it tells.

When book club chose Shadow of a Century, I was ready to dig in.  The cover intrigues me, whose hand is holding the pen? What do the words say that are scrawled across the aged paper?  Who is the couple standing in the shadows?

Present Day, in New York 2015.  Scarlett O’Hara, named for the character in Gone with the Wind.  Her last name given to her from her alcoholic father whom she is intensely afraid and detests, she hates her name.  Bound for work, she is young, energetic and finally seeing success as a journalist for a well known New York newspaper.  Scarlett isn’t aware of how her day is going to derail by one bad choice she made as senior political correspondent.

1913, Dublin Irelend.  Another young girl is finding her own success.  Mary is working as a servant in the home of a wealthy banker and his wife.  She has no family, grew up in an orphanage surrounded by nuns.  Mary is grateful to have a job and a bed in a room of her own.  As Mary learns of the family she serves, she has great respect for Mrs. Grant.  What she discovers about Mrs. Grant’s life inspires her.  She makes choices that will find her joining the Cumann na nBan in fighting for Ireland’s freedom.

Back in 2015, Scarlett struggles to find work, and goes back to working for a small paper where she got her start.  When her boss sends Scarlett out to do a story on a burglary, she can’t grasp how far she has fallen.  Arriving at the home of an elderly woman, Eileen Chiarello, Scarlett feels an instant connection, but why?

Shadow of a Century will bring the past to the present through the slightly bloodied and tattered fibers of a flag and what it stands for.

This book is a beautiful story of love, struggle and discovery if we just take the time to reach out to a stranger and listen to their stories.  I truly savored every page of this book and it continues to linger and the characters are hard to forget.

I hope you read it and enjoy it.

Until next time,

Bee Readin’

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