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The Ladybug Farm Series by Donna Ball

Hello everyone, how are you and whatcha been readin’ lately?

Summer is here and it is time for some great, fun books.

I recently got back from an amazing vacation and I was lucky to find some great reading time  while I was gone.

The last chat we had was about “A Year on Ladybug Farm by Donna Ball.  I fell in love with that book and couldn’t wait to read the rest of them.  Well, I did it, I have finished them all.  You must read them.

Here is the series in order in case you need that.

1.  A Year On Ladybug Farm
2.  At Home on Ladybug Farm
3.  Love Letters from Ladybug Farm
4.  Christmas on Ladybug Farm
5.  Vintage Ladybug Farm
6.  A Wedding on Ladybug Farm

The 7th book, The Hummingbird House is a spin off and follows two friends of Cici, Lindsay and Bridget’s who open a bed and breakfast near the women.  I still have to read that one and will let you know.

What I enjoyed so much about these books is that the author Donna Ball pulls you in to the lives of these women and you get to follow them for several years as they take on Ladybug Farm. Follow them as they face trials, errors, fun, laughter, life changing experiences, heartache and joy as they create an amazing life for themselves in mid-life.  They are so much fun, you will laugh, cry and smile as you live their journey with them.

Their lives are never the same from day to day, they are constantly changing, but support each other as each one weaves through an adoption, accidents, struggles with their children, starting new businesses, but they wouldn’t change a thing.  Each evening right at dusk, you will find them with a glass of wine in their rockers on the front porch watching the sunset.  I wanted to join them or be a ladybug on the porch watching them.

The books are tales of 3 women who create a family with each other, support and love each other and build a beautiful life that allows them the freedoms to realize their own goals and dreams.  Who wouldn’t love to have friends like them?

At Home on Ladybug Farm, someone joins the family, yet a blast from the past threatens to tear them apart.  This book teaches us what it is to love unconditionally.

Love Letters from  Ladybug Farm, beautifully written letters are woven throughout the book to reveal true love and stories of a life gone wrong.

Christmas on Ladybug Farm, is a short novella and  an easy read.  The entire book has you laughing as they prepare for the huge annual Christmas party, and the perils that seem to tumble on them one right after the other.  We have all had Christmas’s like this one.

Vintage Ladybug Farm, a new business venture as they struggle to rebuild the winery that once was a huge success on the farm.  It is a real journey for them in a business they no nothing about.

A Wedding on Ladybug Farm, well, what happens when a man steps in to win ones heart, what will it do to the 3 of them.  When the wedding falls of the rails and everyone has to take a step back and figure out a new plan, to then have an unexpected wedding, they do it all lovingly and in support of each other.

The books are beautifully written, yet I really learned something from these women and when I turned the last page on in A Wedding on Ladybug Farm, it was met with teary eyes.  I just wasn’t ready to let them go.  Is it possible that Donna may revisit them a few years down the road?  I would hope so, I miss them.

I am just finishing up the second book for our upcoming book club.  The person hosting chose 2 books, which I find difficult to do in a month.  I hope we don’t make it a habit.  Both books are by Ruth Reichl, a food critic.  I am really enjoying them and can’t wait to share with you.

I would love to hear from you as to what you are readin’, I am always on the hunt for a great book.  If you know of any series like Ladybug Farm, please let me know.

Bee Readin’



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    1. Joanie, I am right there with you, loved them so much! Have a terrific week and thanks for the comment.

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