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The Language of Threads ~ By Gail Tsukiyama


The Language of Threads begins where the Women of the Silk leaves us.

The author, vividly brings Pei’s story to life once again.  Pei is now a strong young woman.  Fighting to  escape China due to the war and the dangers that lurk at every turn.  Pei’s journey takes her to Hong Kong.

Arriving in Hong Kong Pei struggles to find her way.  She needs a job and fights to re-build her life.

This beautifully written story of the Women of the Silk delves into their struggles. The story draws out every emotion, tears, laughter, joy, sadness and hope.  Pei is an example of how to reinvent life and push forward when the odds are stacked against you.

If you are reading this book for a book club event, follow this link for book club questions

I think we were all a bit tired of Chinese food.  This would have been the third month in a row of eating Chinese.  Creatively, our hostess planned a dinner based on British food.  At the time Pei moved to Hong Kong, it was still under British rule.  Brilliant!

Tea, Scones and Wine, it was perfect.

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