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Review/Disclaimer Policy

Authors, Publisher’s, Publicists and other’s with a book to review,

Bee Readin’ is written by one woman who loves to read. While books are a passion, it is impossible to read everything submitted while ticking books of my own huge reading list.  I started this blog to simply share and talk books, but as you know life gets busy and reading time is limited.

Currently, I am only able to take a limited number of books to read for review.  Therefore, unless the book you are offering for review is within the genres I read and love, I will politely decline and ask that you not take it personally.  Please feel free to send me an email with the name of the book and author and I promise to respond with either a yes, please or a polite no, thank you.

I am always excited to hear about new books whether with a large publishing firm or self-published, so please feel free to share anytime.  If you have an idea for a guest post or an interview opportunity, I am always excited to hear about that, so again, contact me via the contact form on the blog.


If I choose your book to read and review and have received the book at no cost to me, I will disclose this fact in my blog post.  If nothing is mentioned, let it be known, I purchased the book.

If the book was received free of charge, the review will be honest in my opinion and the gift will have no bearing on my review.  I promise to never write a favorable and positive review in exchange for receiving a free book.

My reviews are written based solely on my opinions of the book, personal tastes, likes and dislikes.

I do participate in an affiliate program with Amazon only.  If you purchase a book from my blog, I do receive payment directly from Amazon.  The book does not cost you any additional money.  I certainly am not getting rich from this blog.  I chose to affiliate with Amazon to make it easier for reader’s to purchase a book that they find interesting from the blog and before they forget the name and author.

Thank you,

Terri Brewster
Bee Readin’



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