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Terri Brewster

Welcome to Bee Readin’, my name is Terri and I live in the crazy, crowded but beautiful world of Southern California.

 I love to write, blog, cook, travel and photograph it all.  My one true passion is reading.  Curling up with a great book and a cup of tea is my way of checking out of life for just a bit.

I was one of those kids that was first in line to sign up for the summer reading program at the local library.  Spending lazy summer days devouring books was and is something I truly love.

My first grade teacher was my inspiration.  She started our first day of school  telling us that during the year we will learn to “eat our books and read our lunch.”  I didn’t understand at the time what she was saying. We all thought she was just funny. Over the course of the school year she would teach us all to be passionate readers.

There is nothing better than a fantastic book. One that pulls me into the story,  making me feel like a silent observer standing off to the side watching the story unfold around me is just the best.  Many books have changed my life, some are just fun reads, others have peaked my curiosity and pushed me to find out more about a character especially if they are based on someone in real life.

If  you love to read as much as I do please join me as we talk books with a little food thrown in.

Let’s Bee Readin’.  ~ Terri


Readin’ Inspiration

Never read a book through merely because you have begun it.

~ John Witherspoon

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