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Happy July

The Hidden Women by Kerry Barrett is a historical novel that goes between present day 2018 and back to the war in 1944. The story delves into the history of the women who flew for the ATA in Britain and family secrets one woman hoped would never be uncovered.

I was pulled into this novel immediately. First I love historic novels, second, I am incredibly curious and thirdly, I am deep into genealogy, so discovering family stories really intrigues me.

The book starts in present day London 2018. Helena Miles is a young single mom who loves digging into the past and it is also her job. She works as a researcher for a hit television show “Where Do You Come From”?, and her work has her dealing with mainly celebrity families. When the handsome superstar Jack Jones blows into her life, Helena will put on a path she never saw coming. While researching Jack’s genealogy, a familiar name pops up and Helena finds herself unexpectedly sliding down a deep dark rabbit hole into her own family history.

Readers are soon transported back Berkshire, England 1944. Lillian Miles is an ATA pilot and flies every type of aircraft during the war. When her niece starts poking around, she remains quiet about the secrets she has locked deep in her soul hoping they would never be discovered.

Helena’s job has strict rules about using the company resources to research your own family, but she ignores them hoping no one will discover her digging into her own family. Jack encourages her to continue her work and helps her along the way. This too will bring Helena trouble.

When Helena brings the information to her family, her father has his own questions and wants her to continue researching. What she discovers could quite possibly destroy her family. What happened to her Aunt Lillian during the war, why won’t she talk about it and what do the answers mean for her family?

If you really enjoy historical novels, are curious about the past and family stories and genealogy, you will love this novel. I enjoyed going between present day and the past to learn Lillian’s story. The book really is about friendship, sisterhood, strong women and family secrets.

The author did an incredible job bringing the character’s to life, giving them depth and you may just find yourself sympathetic to both sides. One wanting to keep the past secret and the other needing to know the truth.

I noticed the book was published a year ago today, so happy book anniversary to Kerry Barrett for a truly wonderful novel. Even better, Amazon’s Kindle price today is .99 cents. Don’t know if it is a one day deal or the price for now, but either way, it is totally worth the buy and read.

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4 thoughts on “Happy July”

  1. I love the quote on the right. In the past I’ve done just that, but these days I quickly abandon a book if it doesn’t appeal to me. There are just too many good books out there to read and not enough time. Love your list. Sometimes it is fun reading Children’s or Young Adult books.

    1. Jolandi, I too use to force myself to finish a book, but life is getting shorter everyday and I don’t want to waste time on a book I am struggling to finish. I have thoroughly enjoyed going back and reading a children’s book and Young Adult books. Just finished another Young Adult book, that was fantastic. Now it is back to reading adult stories. I find when I read the children’s books or Young Adult, it sparks some creativity in me. Hope you are well. Can’t wait to read the next blog posts. Take care!

    1. Janet, thanks for letting me know your favorite. I have added it to my list. I also want to let you know that my recommendation for your backcountry adventure, while I have several. I am thinking the Ladybug Farm series by Donna Ball. I loved the series, it is light reading, but an adventure with 3 women who sell everything and buy this rundown farm in Virginia. They are a joy and their adventures are quirky and fun. I am reading them again in a book club with my mother-in-law and she is loving them also. I will keep thinking and will let you know other’s I come up with. Take Care!

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