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Blossom on the Road of Dreams by Christopher Lentz

Happy September,

I hope you all had a wonderful and fun filled Labor Day weekend.  School has either already started for some and the rest are going back this week. Labor Day weekend seems to close out the summer for us.  While it is a little sad to see the warm and long days of summer end, I love Fall and look forward to the season.

To close out the summer, I read the 2nd book in the Blossom trilogy written by Christopher Lentz, Blossom on the Road of Dreams.  It was a light and easy read, the perfect ending to the summer reading list.

For those of you that read the first book in the trilogy, Blossom, the 2nd book is here, just released on July 13th.  If you haven’t read the first book, I highly recommend it and blogged it awhile back.

Brock and Blossom have survived the tragic San Francisco earthquake.  Brock has left his home, his family and his fiance to head south to escape the crumbled city.  Blossom has lost everything, her family, and the family restaurant.

Brock and Blossom escape the city in a horse drawn wagon and make their way down the rutted, dirt and dusty road which connects Northern California to Southern California.  Their journey will not be easy.  The two were pulled together like a magnet, not knowing much about each other, nor their past; the trip will be one of discovery.

Brock is torn, he loves Blossom, but  is distracted by his thoughts of the family he left behind, unfinished business and his mother who he knows is wondering what happened to him.  Blossom believing she has no family left and Brock being all she has, she looks forward to the future.

Sitting upon the hard wooden and rickety bench up in the wagon, they pass travelers, run into evil, yet discover treasures within California.  Stopping at the Winchester House, stay at a Casino in the Pismo Beach area, and follow the El Camino Real; the road of the California missions.  Reading about the history of California along the road with them was fun and I discovered a few places I wasn’t aware of.

As they travel, they begin to learn more about each other.  Without all the technology we have today, they only have each other and their conversations. Don’t we all remember those days? The ones of the family vacation, where you are stuck in the back seat, no TV, no Game Boy, or handheld gaming device with your siblings? All I had was my brother and parents.  As a child it was boring, as an adult I now love to look out the window at the open road. For Brock and Blossom they discovered the California coast; the one that most of us don’t know, one of open spaces and no cars.

Wondering what life will hold for them, where will they find to live and work, their future is unknown, yet they are optimistic.

Blossom on the Road of Dreams is a short novella, at 125 pages, it is an easy read.  The book for me is really a bridge, one that connects the first and third, which is yet to be published.  I am looking forward to the 3rd and final book in the series. I am anxious to see how Brock and Blossoms story will end.

Until next time,

Bee Readin’

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2 thoughts on “Blossom on the Road of Dreams by Christopher Lentz”

  1. Terri, thank you so much for sharing with your readers the experience of reading BLOSSOM and BLOSSOM ON THE ROAD OF DREAMS. There’s so much more in store for this couple. Brace yourself, though. Secrets will be uncovered and there may just be a few happily ever afters for some of the characters. But not all.

    Sending you the warmest wishes…Christopher

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