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The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion

Wow, time continues to fly by, summer is over, the kids are back in school which means you should have more reading time right?   I haven’t, and I don’t have younger kids in school, yet I still feel like I am playing catch up on chores neglected over the summer.

I finished our book for the September book club party, The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion and had a bit of time to sneak in another book, so am reading As Always, Julia; The letters of Julia Child and Avis DeVoto.  I had hoped to finish it and write a review while I waited to post the Rosie Project after our book club party; so I could you give you a few party tips to go along with the book.  But, I haven’t had as much time to read; and the book is 432 pages in which I am completely engrossed.  So that review will have to wait.

We all got together for book club; had a little wine, book review and discussion along with a beautiful light dinner, so here goes.

The Rosie Project is a quirky read and many of you will love the book and enjoy the uniqueness of the main character, Don Tillman.  Don is a brilliant genetics professor, who has decided it is time to change his life and find a wife.  Don is socially inept and he struggles to fit in.  He creates a 16 page questionnaire  to give each and every woman he dates to see if they are a good fit with him.

The story winds through Don’s life and his wife project; when his friend, Gene sends Rosie his way.  Rosie is a bartender, and student who has lost her mom and is searching for her father with not much information to go on. Don and Rosie’s journey at times is sweet, but his lack of social skills made me anxious.

I jumped into the book with great anticipation after downloading it to my Kindle and seeing 60% of the readers who reviewed the book give it 5 stars; Amazon chose it as a best book of the month in October 2013.

But….for me, I’m in the 1% who didn’t fit into that 60%, I am the odd woman out, even with book club.  They all loved the book.

I am in no way doggin’ on the author, I appreciate his talent, his writing and the fact that he did bring Don Tillman to life, gave a voice to his social challenges in a witty and unique way.

In reading this book, the difficulties I faced in reading and  forcing myself to finish the book was  with the social ineptness of Don; the social challenges he faced and the wackiness.  It wasn’t a book I looked forward to reading, picking up and diving into.  When I sit to read; I want to get lost in a book, I want it to take me somewhere else where I can enjoy the journey and this book didn’t fit the bill.

Writing is another form of art and is very subjective.   While I appreciate the author, his gift of writing and ability to bring Don to life,  The Rosie Project just wasn’t my cup of tea.

Read it at your own risk. If you do choose to read it I hope you will jump over to let me know what I missed or what you thought of the book, it makes for great discussion.

Book Club:
I always look forward to getting together with our group.  We try to stay on track about the book and sometimes find ourselves wandering.  Our group had great conversation over this book, and like I said everyone loved the book.  The questions were thought provoking and dug deeper into the book and made for an interesting discussion.

Follow this link for discussion questions.

To buy the book follow this link:  The Rosie Project

See you back soon to chat more about books,

Bee Readin’

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