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Travel Unscripted by Mark Murphy

Do you have a book sitting on your kindle or on your bookshelf that’s been hanging out for awhile waiting to be read?  You know the one; the one you tell yourself you will read next and then another fabulous book comes along and you skip right by it.

I have several of them and I finally decided it was time to get one of them read and off my Kindle while I wait for the next book club book.

Travel Unscripted by Mark Murphy is one of those books, at 322 pages, it was totally doable in a few weeks.  Mark Murphy is a travel expert and hosts a TV show by the same name.  The book is full of stories from the road as he has traveled the globe.

I really thought the book would be a fun read of travel to the edge and exciting experiences along the way.

While Mark’s laid back attitude comes through loud and clear, he enjoys the back roads just as much as many of us do.  I found the book to be rather boring.  Each chapter tells of a different travel experience, you know the ones; the tour guide from hell, lost luggage, important camera gear left behind, the interesting and odd foods they’ve eaten and the bars and drinks they tried.

I believe we all have those type of travel stories.  They aren’t always that interesting except to us and/or a few friends.  We wouldn’t write a book about them, and maybe Mark Murphy shouldn’t have either.

A San Francisco book critic gave the book 5 stars out of 5 and compared him to Anthony Bourdain.  I can tell you Anthony Bourdain is more travel to the edge, exciting and way more fun.  This book doesn’t even come close to his stories.

I am not going to recommend the book to you, find something more fun to Bee Readin’.

I’m just finishing up Fly Away by Kristin Hannah, so we will be chattin’ soon about this fabulous, can’t put it down book.

In the meantime, Bee Readin’ something you love,


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