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Women of the Silk, ~ By Gail Tsukiyama


Wow, I can’t begin to tell you how much I loved this book.  We all have read that one book that takes a while to get into.  Women of the Silk grabbed me within the first few pages.  I love a book that teaches me something new, something I had no idea existed, Women of the Silk is one of those books.  When it was finished I am sad to see it go.

The story begins in 1919 We are introduced to a very poor Chinese family, living in the countryside of China. The father is a fisherman, a man who loves his family. He shows his affection by providing for them.  He isn’t involved in raising the couples 2 girls Pei, who is spirited and full of energy and the quiet sister Li. The raising of the girls is left to their mother.

Life for Pei changes when she is about 8 years old.  Needing money to help support the family, Pei is put to work in the Chinese silk industry.  In a country or time when child labor laws were non-existent, these children lived a very difficult life. Throughout the story Pei is faced with choices, difficult decisions that would challenge any of us.

I cheered for her.  I wanted to wrap my arms around her, protect her and take care of her.  As a mom, I can’t imagine leaving my 8 year old child to work to help support the family.

Reading Women of the Silk, I have a great appreciation for the women and children that worked the silk factories.  The work was long, dirty and brutal.

Finishing the last page, I was not ready for the story to be over. Fortunately we all are in luck.  Pei’s story continues in The Language of Threads.  Have the book on hand, or downloaded to your kindle or e-reader. When Women of Silk is finished you can immediately start the Language of Threads.  Our Book Club read them back to back.  A good choice, the first book was fresh in our minds as we start the second.

Need book club questions? Follow the link below:


Dinner was served…. lights were dimmed and candles lit, setting a very quiet mood.  We started with Chinese Dumplings and wine of course.  We had a beautiful Chinese dinner and no one is talking, the room is silent.  Strangely,  Women were not talking??  Nope, we were too busy eating, dinner was incredible.  We move on to the living room to start the discussion. While talking we are savoring tea and homemade fortune cookies.  Inside each cookie was not a fortune, but a book club question for us to read and discuss, so clever.

Follow this link to an easy recipe for fortune cookies.  Homemade cookies taste much better and it adds a little love for your friends.


Enjoy!  I will see you back here to talk about the Language of Threads.

Bee Readin’

Terri Bee

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