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Blue by Danielle Steel

Good morning, If you are part of the Goodreads community and you set a goal for how many books you are going to read this year, how is it going?  If you aren’t a part of Goodreads, but set a personal goal, I hope you are doing well and reading some great books. Normally I’m so good to keep up with Danielle Steel books; and read them as soon as they are released.  Having gotten behind and now I am trying to catch up, but there are so many good books on my to read list, it’s hard to pick what’s
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See Me by Nicholas Sparks

Happy Valentines Day!  I hope you all are having a special day. In honor of Valentines Day I was excited to share a new romance novel with you, but surprisingly See Me by Nicholas Sparks is more thriller than romance.  Nicholas Sparks books seem to grab me and not let me go until I finish the last sentence on the last page.  This book grabbed me from the first sentence of the first chapter and still hasn’t let go. The cover of the book shows a deserted beach in the background and 3 dead yellow roses laying in the sand, hmmm,
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Shadow of a Century, An Irish Love Story by Jean Grainger

Have you ever picked a book to read simply because you loved the cover? I love book covers and have certainly picked a book based on what the cover tells me.  The problem with reading on an E-reader is when you open a new book, it goes straight to the first chapter.  Next time you start a book or buy a book from your E-reader, go to the cover and appreciate the artwork and the story it tells. When book club chose Shadow of a Century, I was ready to dig in.  The cover intrigues me, whose hand is holding the pen?
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